Easily and reliably record Apgar score after a birth

With APGAR Timer, Apgar Score can be easily and reliably recorded and stored after a birth. APGAR Timer is a small support for all midwives – in birth centers, during home birth or in the delivery room.

How it works

Similar to a stopwatch, APGAR Timer measures the time from birth. After the first, fifth and tenth minutes, a reminder is given to assess the clinical condition of the newborn in the form of the standardized Apgar score. When all three values are recorded, the birth is automatically saved for later consultation.

Simple & clear

The usage is designed to be simple and clear. The criteria to be measured and the possible score are large and clear and displayed in distinct colors. Reminders have a special alert tone and are displayed even when the device is in “do not disturb” mode or on silent.

Safe & reliable

Stored births can be deleted with a simple swipe when no longer needed.

All recorded data and inputs are completely anonymous, i.e. without any reference to a person, and are stored exclusively on the device.

During birth, there is an emergency call function enabling to call the emergency services at any time and without detours.

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